3 La Liga Young Players That Can Be Stars in the English Premier League

La Liga and the Premier League are often touted as the world’s two best leagues by European football fans. In fact, they are the most watched football leagues on the planet. Despite having similarities in popularity, the two leagues are very different in terms of style of play.

The English league is best known for its brutal speed, physical and competitive nature. On the other hand, La Liga is known for its focus on possession, technical excellence and dominance by two teams.

Therefore no wonder, many players choose to play between the two leagues. However, there are actually some players who actually fit to compete in the Premier League rather than playing in Spain.

Diego Costa, for example. When playing at Atletico, his performance was not also disappointing. But, throughout the 2016/17 season, Costa became one of the success figures of Chelsea in the Premier League title with a notch 22 goals in 44 games. Here are 3 young players who are more suitable to compete in the Premier League.

Dani Ceballos

The young Spanish player is now trying to bring his reputation to a higher level since joining Real Madrid. Many La Liga experts did not know him before, but his move to the Bernabéu has put him on a global map.

At the age of 21, Dani Ceballos became the main player of Real Betis. This young player, even believed to lead the Spanish national team to the European Under-21 Championship. He appeared as the best player in the tournament.

Ceballos joined Madrid just two days after James Rodriguez’s departure to Bayern Munich with a two-year loan deal. But his technical attributes may be amazing, but also the nature of his personality that makes him more suitable and in keeping with the English Premier League.

Victor Camarasa

Real Betis Vs Real Madrid

It is no coincidence that the Camarasa has been heavily linked with the English League recently. This link makes sense when looking at this type of Spanish player. He is the perfect balance between technical excellence and physical dominance.

He has the ability to play various roles, because the mentality both protects the defense and contributes in the attacking phase.

His attributes may best suit his role that likes to break through the middle third with the ball. Reportedly, Victor Camarasa has a £ 10 million release clause.

Although not yet called to the senior Spanish squad, the Camarasa are Spain’s mainstay in their age group.

Saul Niguez

Spanish soccer public in recent years can witness the appearance of “smooth” but high-quality Saul. From an early age, Saul has become the center of the game at Atletico Madrid.

His appearance is versatile. Saul can play in one of the midfield roles, because it has intelligence and fits with its extraordinary physique.

Saul may not be the fastest or the strongest, but his ability to lift his game against a great team at a young age has garnered plenty of praise. That’s the quality of Saulu, he can start for any team, but his ability will likely be rewarded at Arsenal or Manchester City.