Arema FC Lesson Lesson Important from Defeat at the Cage

Pelatih Arema FC Aji Santoso saat konferensi pers seusai timnya dikalahkan Persipura Jayapura di Stadion Kanjuruhan, Kabupaten Malang, Minggu (16/7/2017)

Arema FC Lesson Lesson Important from Defeat at the Cage

0-2 Arema FC defeat of Persipura Jayapura in the league game 1st Stadium at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, Sunday (16/7/2017) became an important lesson for Singo Edan’s team Sbobet Casino.

The team with the lion’s logo clenched it should be a lot clean up to face the next League 1 match. Arema FC coach Aji Santoso claimed to have taken the important lesson of the embarrassing defeat.

In the press conference sessions after the game, he mentioned already understand the shortcomings of his team in every line.

“Obviously we have very familiar with the lines that need a refresher in the second round later,” he said.

Aji Santoso: Defeat Arema Unexpectedly

Aji said, the game line is considered still a lot of shortages that need additional or replacement players. Because if not, Arema FC will be difficult to face the next opponents.

“For the second round there must be some players who add up, if we want a chance champion there should be additional players, otherwise heavy,” he said.

Currently, Arema FC still collect 25 points in 15 matches. Arema FC still leaves two matches to end the first round.

On 21 July, Arema FC will travel to Semen Padang headquarters and on July 30, Arema FC will host Borneo FC.

“One clear away, home one time, we will try our best in this two match,” he said.

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