Barton: Klopp Not Worth Equal With Mourinho And Guardiola

Joey Barton claims that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp can not be put in the same container in terms of excellence in particular to win the trophy, with Jose Mourinho (Manchester United) or Pep Guardiola (Manchester City).

Klopp has a reputation as one of the most prominent coaches currently in the world of football. One of the most unhappy and hateful sentences is a player full of controversy Joey Barton.

Barton holds that Mourinho, Guardiola, or even Mauricio Pochettino is superior to the German manager. Barton said if Klopp does not have anything special to make the club he trained to be the best in the world.

The former Manchester City, Newcastle and Burnley player said: “I would never say that Klopp is a mediocre coach. I’m just saying he’s not a super coach. ”

“He is not Guardiola, he is not Mourinho, he is not Carlo Ancelotti. I think he has paired himself in that container. ”

“I would even say he is not worth the likes of Pochettino. Given that he earns 2 million pounds per season more than Pochettino. If you give me a direct choice between the two, based on what I see in the game in the UK, every day I will vote for Pochettino. ”

Klopp must prove with the trophy

As is known Klopp received praise for his work ethic that he had done during Borussia Dortmund. The Stuttgart-born coach brought the Germans back-to-back champions in the Bundesliga in 2010-11 and 2011-12. In addition, he led Dortmund champion DFB Pokal and appeared as runner-up in the Champions League final 2012-2013.

However, with Liverpool his best accomplishments led the Merseyside team to win two runners-up in the League Cup and Europa League in its first season. While last season, he only managed to deliver the Reds finish in the order of the top four.

Liverpool made Klopp appear with dynamic football, but always keteteran in the area of ​​defense. The latest evidence they were forced to draw 3-3 against Watford in the English Premier League opener last week.

Actually, Barton’s scorn refers to the fact that Klopp is still far less than Mourinho and Guardiola, in terms of achievement league trophy. Klopp has only won two titles, Guardiola six titles with two clubs Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and Mourinho with eight titles. (Source: TalkSport)