Tottenham Minati Kieran Tierney

Tottenham Minati Kieran Tierney

Tottenham Hotspur aimed Celtic star Kieran Tierney, as reported by local media.

The talented wing defender has been linked with Spurs since last month but the rumors are becoming more real when the Premier League club sends his talent scout to monitor Tierney’s action at Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

The 20-year-old played well against Arjen Robben and Joshua Kimmich, who will further make Spurs smitten.

As activity in the summer transfer market involving the defenders, Spurs can experience it again in winter. Danny Rose is surrounded by rumors, which will make Tierney even more important.

Rose has long been injured and is in recovering, but Mauricio Pocchetino now prefers Ben Davies at the left back post.

With Manchester United interest in him, most likely Rose will leave Spurs towards the Red Devils, and Tierney becomes a candidate to replace him.

However, it is difficult to see Celtic off one of his most important assets in the middle of the season so that the 20-year-old will be more likely to be digaet next summer.

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Nelson: Henry Helps Me To Grow

Nelson: Henry Helps Me To Grow

Arsenal’s young player, Reiss Nelson said that he had a development when educated by Thierry Henry

The figure who plays a 17-year-old attacker was coached Henry while in the youth academy.

He told local media: “Thierry Henry is an Arsenal legend and I have the opportunity to spend time with him as he coaches at the academy.”

“I think he has helped me a lot in a short time as a player.”

“Henry is a great coach for me, even he helps a lot of other young players.”

“Even he said that there are two main things in Arsenal that is respect and hard work. He always underlines these two things. ”

“He says if you work hard and respect all those around you, then it can push you to become a top player.”

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3 La Liga Young Players That Can Be Stars in the English Premier League

3 La Liga Young Players That Can Be Stars in the English Premier League

La Liga and the Premier League are often touted as the world’s two best leagues by European football fans. In fact, they are the most watched football leagues on the planet. Despite having similarities in popularity, the two leagues are very different in terms of style of play.

The English league is best known for its brutal speed, physical and competitive nature. On the other hand, La Liga is known for its focus on possession, technical excellence and dominance by two teams.

Therefore no wonder, many players choose to play between the two leagues. However, there are actually some players who actually fit to compete in the Premier League rather than playing in Spain.

Diego Costa, for example. When playing at Atletico, his performance was not also disappointing. But, throughout the 2016/17 season, Costa became one of the success figures of Chelsea in the Premier League title with a notch 22 goals in 44 games. Here are 3 young players who are more suitable to compete in the Premier League.

Dani Ceballos

The young Spanish player is now trying to bring his reputation to a higher level since joining Real Madrid. Many La Liga experts did not know him before, but his move to the Bernabéu has put him on a global map.

At the age of 21, Dani Ceballos became the main player of Real Betis. This young player, even believed to lead the Spanish national team to the European Under-21 Championship. He appeared as the best player in the tournament.

Ceballos joined Madrid just two days after James Rodriguez’s departure to Bayern Munich with a two-year loan deal. But his technical attributes may be amazing, but also the nature of his personality that makes him more suitable and in keeping with the English Premier League.

Victor Camarasa

Real Betis Vs Real Madrid

It is no coincidence that the Camarasa has been heavily linked with the English League recently. This link makes sense when looking at this type of Spanish player. He is the perfect balance between technical excellence and physical dominance.

He has the ability to play various roles, because the mentality both protects the defense and contributes in the attacking phase.

His attributes may best suit his role that likes to break through the middle third with the ball. Reportedly, Victor Camarasa has a £ 10 million release clause.

Although not yet called to the senior Spanish squad, the Camarasa are Spain’s mainstay in their age group.

Saul Niguez

Spanish soccer public in recent years can witness the appearance of “smooth” but high-quality Saul. From an early age, Saul has become the center of the game at Atletico Madrid.

His appearance is versatile. Saul can play in one of the midfield roles, because it has intelligence and fits with its extraordinary physique.

Saul may not be the fastest or the strongest, but his ability to lift his game against a great team at a young age has garnered plenty of praise. That’s the quality of Saulu, he can start for any team, but his ability will likely be rewarded at Arsenal or Manchester City.

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Fletcher Pleased With Stoke Performance

Fletcher Pleased With Stoke Performance

Captain of the Stoke City team, Darren Fletcher give praise to the team he is defending right now Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Where, although had left behind but managed to withstand a 2-2 draw Manchester United and the match that took place at Bet365 stadium that two goals The Potters printed by Maxim Choupo Moting. While the Red Devils reply through the action of Marcus Rashford and also Romelu Lukaku.

After the game, 33-year-old player also feels Moting deserves to register his name on the scoreboard twice.

“We are behind 2-1 and we are able to turn things around,” Darren Fletcher told the media.

“We show a lot of characters. Choupo Moting deserves a goal where to improve his own work.

“We showed confidence and played good football. We have a good start to the season because we have some tough matches. “

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Arsenal rejects Liverpool bid for Chamberlain

Arsenal rejects Liverpool bid for Chamberlain

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal have now turned down a £ 30million bid from Liverpool for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The Reds manager, Jurgen Klopp, is expected to be disappointed with Wenger’s decision, who has turned down his offer.

Although long been targeting the British players, until now Klopp remains in ambition to bring Chamberlain.

And currently Liverpool have not targeted other players to strengthen his midfield this season.

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Ferreira: I’m Confused With Costa

Ferreira: I’m Confused With Costa

Chelsea ambassador Paulo Ferreira recently revealed that it is very difficult to tell which club will be defended by Diego Costa when the Blues meet Atletico Madrid in the Champions League later on.

The reason, Antonio Conte and his team will join in Group C with Atletico, Roma, and also Qarabag. Meanwhile, Costa was top scorer of Chelsea when he won last season’s league champions, but he was eventually exiled by Conte.

And the Spanish bomber has repeatedly expressed a desire to be able to join Atletico, which he left to go to Stamford Bridge in 2014.

And Ferreira recently revealed to local media: “It’s hard to give a response, but the most important thing is that Chelsea are in this competition. This will be a complicated match, as is the case with Roma and Qarabag. We will do the best.”

“It’s nice to be back in this competition. Odd if Chelsea do not play in the Champions League. Because clubs like Chelsea should be able to go as far as possible and try to become champions. All top teams will try to grab it. “

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Barton: Klopp Not Worth Equal With Mourinho And Guardiola

Barton: Klopp Not Worth Equal With Mourinho And Guardiola

Joey Barton claims that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp can not be put in the same container in terms of excellence in particular to win the trophy, with Jose Mourinho (Manchester United) or Pep Guardiola (Manchester City).

Klopp has a reputation as one of the most prominent coaches currently in the world of football. One of the most unhappy and hateful sentences is a player full of controversy Joey Barton.

Barton holds that Mourinho, Guardiola, or even Mauricio Pochettino is superior to the German manager. Barton said if Klopp does not have anything special to make the club he trained to be the best in the world.

The former Manchester City, Newcastle and Burnley player said: “I would never say that Klopp is a mediocre coach. I’m just saying he’s not a super coach. ”

“He is not Guardiola, he is not Mourinho, he is not Carlo Ancelotti. I think he has paired himself in that container. ”

“I would even say he is not worth the likes of Pochettino. Given that he earns 2 million pounds per season more than Pochettino. If you give me a direct choice between the two, based on what I see in the game in the UK, every day I will vote for Pochettino. ”

Klopp must prove with the trophy

As is known Klopp received praise for his work ethic that he had done during Borussia Dortmund. The Stuttgart-born coach brought the Germans back-to-back champions in the Bundesliga in 2010-11 and 2011-12. In addition, he led Dortmund champion DFB Pokal and appeared as runner-up in the Champions League final 2012-2013.

However, with Liverpool his best accomplishments led the Merseyside team to win two runners-up in the League Cup and Europa League in its first season. While last season, he only managed to deliver the Reds finish in the order of the top four.

Liverpool made Klopp appear with dynamic football, but always keteteran in the area of ​​defense. The latest evidence they were forced to draw 3-3 against Watford in the English Premier League opener last week.

Actually, Barton’s scorn refers to the fact that Klopp is still far less than Mourinho and Guardiola, in terms of achievement league trophy. Klopp has only won two titles, Guardiola six titles with two clubs Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and Mourinho with eight titles. (Source: TalkSport)

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[GOSIP TRANSFER] Barcelona Achieved Agree With Liverpool For Coutinho

[GOSIP TRANSFER] Barcelona Achieved Agree With Liverpool For Coutinho

Barcelona reached an agreement with Liverpool for Philippe Coutinho’s price after the Brazilian star pressed the Reds to allow him to leave, according to Spanish ESPN sources Bandar Bola.

Coutinho is rumored to be joining Barcelona at a price of 90 million Euros (about Rp 1.4 trillion). But the cost can be increased with a bonus can reach 120 million Euro (about Rp1, 87 trillion). Barcelona seem to start spending 222 million euros earned on sale from Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain.

The delegation from Barcelona chaired by club executive Oscar Grau left for Liverpool on Monday night (7/8) to finish negotiations by Spanish ESPN sources.

Liverpool reportedly turned down an offer of 80 million Euros from Barcelona last month. Manager Jurgen Klopp said Barcelona better save their energy rather than hunt Coutinho. He also once confirms Coutinho is not for sale. However, after Coutinho spoke with Klopp about his desire to leave, he could not do much.

Barca are interested in Coutinho to replace Neymar who moved to PSG although he may not immediately replace the role of compatriot. Coutinho is actually Barcelona’s old target to replace Andres Iniesta.

Earlier this summer there were reports saying Neymar wanted to take Coutinho to Paris, but the attacking midfielder prefers Barcelona. Now he has a chance to fill the role of Neymar on the left side of Ernesto Valverde’s line-up. But there is the possibility he will be a central midfielder.

Barcelona while it is rumored to still targeting Dortmund winger, Ousmane Dembele. German media claimed Barcelona representatives had already left for Dortmund to offer about 120 million Euros to BVB. (Source:

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Shakespeare: Huth Absent at Early English Premier League

Shakespeare: Huth Absent at Early English Premier League

Leicester City coach Craig Shakespeare confirmed that Robert Huth will pull over for the next six to eight weeks.

Where the absence of the defender because of an ongoing ankle injury that can be in the season yesterday.

Although already successful in his operation and had followed pre-season training, but 53-year-old tactician to ensure the German players will be absent long enough from the green field.

“Robert is reportedly back for pre season and he is experiencing discomfort with his ankle,” Craig Shakespeare told the media.

“It’s unfortunate for Robert but we thought it might be worse.

“Where he’ll pull over for six to eight weeks.”

However, the coach will not be in trouble with the absence of the defender, the article The Foxes also recently bring a gifted young gatekeeper Harry Maguire from Hull City.

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Called Similar to Kante, Park Ji Sung Pleased

Called Similar to Kante, Park Ji Sung Pleased

Former Manchester United player Park Ji-Sung said he was happy to have a way of playing the same game as N’Golo Kante, Chelsea’s mainstay player Agen Sbobet.

From Ji-Sung’s own assessment, Kante is one of the great players, he also admitted when in Chelsea squad, the player is a lot of great contribution.

“Of course I am happy when there is a party who judge me like that, that means I get a judgment that can make a big contribution,” said Ji Sung.

“Kante’s contribution is huge, although my position with him is different, but I am happy to be given such an assessment.”

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