Hernandez: Marcelo So My Role In Bekarier

Hernandez: Marcelo So My Role In Bekarier

Theo Hernandez reportedly can not wait to learn from Marcelo, a player who has been a role model for this, after successfully completing a move to Real Madrid.

The young player born 19 years ago signed a six-year contract with a dowry reported to reach 24 million euros ahead of the new season. Himself admitted, the opportunity to learn from Brazil’s senior player Marcelo became one of the reasons behind his decision to cross to the Santiago Bernabeu.

“He’s the best wing in the world and all I’m going to do is work hard, follow his lead and try to get a minute playing,” Hernandez told local media.

“All players will be role models because they all have experience. What I will do is follow Marcelo’s lead and try to improve his day-to-day appearance with him. He is my role model because I want to be the world’s best wing defender in the future. “

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