Luis Milla Satisfied Positive Energy Young Players Indonesian national team

Indonesian national team coach, Luis Milla Aspas, admitted satisfied and proud of his son’s victory over Cambodia in a friendly match on Wednesday (04/10/2017). Milla felt successful combining young and senior players to Indonesia won 3-1.

Garuda skuat goals scored Lerby Eliandri, Rezaldi Hehanusa, and David Maulana. Especially for Rezaldi, the party this time is the first appearance with senior national team.

“From the match, what made me happy was that our first-half performance was very good, everything I wanted, everything I delivered before the game, done well,” Milla told a news conference after the match.

Milla conceded in the second half is normal. Therefore, Indonesia national team feel superior throughout the game.

“We are starting to lose the ball, it’s natural because we’re ahead, until the enemy has started to push in. I think forwards the game organization could be even better, but in general I am very happy for this performance,” said the Spanish coach.

Indonesia national team victory is also a comeback event for a number of senior players. Bali United midfielder, M Taufiq appeared again defend Red and White since 2013 in the Asian Pre-Cup.

“Why we make friendlies is because we focus so much on young players, there are so many young players in Indonesia, so in this friendly match we want to put energy on young players and mix it with senior players,” Milla said.

“I also want them to adapt, I say some time ago at a press conference about my idea is to combine young players and senior players I want to see the cooperation of young players and senior players on and off the field,” he said.