Opposite Perseru, Arema Mission Take Care of Stamina

After diving home game with a 1-1 draw at home to Persija Jakarta, Arema FC must depart to the East Indonesia Perseru Perseru face on Tuesday (29/09/2017) Situs Judi Bola. Arema is required to keep the stamina because of chasing enough time mepet for the next game.

Coach Arema FC, Joko Susilo claimed to have to spin the brain to maintain stamina foster children. Because the mepet schedule to make players fatigue.

“Rotating players in every game is not easy, and I and the coaching team not only look at the physical players of one game only, this is so consistent stamina and strategy built in the game,” said the coach who is familiarly called Gethuk.

Arema coach who recently won the A AFC license is said, do not want to underestimate Perseru although his opponent team was recently overthrown by Bali United at home. Gethuk aware that the trip to Perseru does take a long time and the field is quite heavy.

“Although our players are mentally in good condition, but we are physically drained, we have felt the trip to Perserui several times and it is not easy,” he said.

In addition, the match that will be held, on Friday (29/9) future in the Yapen islands also make Arema become more benefited. Although there is recovery time of more than one day.

“Obviously we will play our best to get points, regardless Perserui does have a good coordination in team strategy and teams who want to escape from degradation,” said coach Arema who replaced Aji Santoso this.