Vlado Sebut All Players Responsible for Persib Condition

Persib Bandung foreign defender, Vladimir Vujovic, did not dismiss that his team’s performance plummeted. Six successive series of results proved inconsistent Maung Bandung.

“Persib’s performance was bad in the last few games, I do not know why we got a draw, I do not know what to say,” said Vlado, his familiar greeting, at Mes Persib on Thursday afternoon (13/10/2017).

“However, comparing with top clubs such as Bali United, they scored twice as much as we did,” Vlado said.

Vlado rate, minor notes inscribed Persib also not separated from a number of controversial decisions of the court field. However, he was reluctant to talk more deeply about it.

“I do not know the real cause, I do not want to talk about what happened in the game against Madura and Balikpapan, but that is one of the reasons why we lost more than 10 points,” he said.

Overall, the Montenegrin player believes Persib’s declining performance is a collective error to be shared.

“It was none other than our own fault,” he said.

“In the last six games we have actually improved our performance, nobody can say we are not fighting, I do not want to blame others, but 11 players make mistakes,” he said.